Friday, October 12, 2007

Picking apples and pumpkins

He can get up two stairs (even without her supervision.)

I bought him a blue hat the other day, have no fear.

Man, they almost look like twins here, don't they?

Sometimes when I tell her to be nice to her brother, she lays down in front of him and lets him pull her hair. She does cry and run away, so I figure maybe it's not that unhealthy...

Uncle Jeremy!

She still wouldn't mind being the baby.

First trip to the Science Museum. He wants you to hold his hands and walk everywhere, ALL THE TIME.

"We're going to pick apples. At Cub Foods."

"Can I go to the Royal Ball, Mama? Should I?"

Finally, we get back to the Mall of America. During out first trip to Ridgedale Mall, she talked about going to City Mall. I told her that was three airplane rides away.

His first time on a carosel and he grabs right on, no fear.

We call him Alistair, Alley Cat, Alley Gator and a lot of times just plain Alley. I wouldn't mind if he decides to call himself Al or Alek either.

I had to wear the hat so the St. Louis Park MOMS Club attendees would be able to find us.

He ate some fries, hamburger and almost 3 jars of baby food. Now that his giardia is cured, he's actually gaining weight.
Siena was just diagnosed with giardia so we hope her appetite and weight will come back. I go to the doctor tomorrow. These are definately unplanned Kaz souveniers!

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julieac652003 said...

Excellent Pictures!! Thank you so much for updating and sharing.
yes, that one goodness they do look alike.