Friday, December 28, 2007

The Tail End of 2007

Alistair has grown almost 3 inches and gained over 5 pounds since we’ve gotten home. He is a non-stop smiler and a very good natured boy. He likes to turn our heads from side to side. He has walked 6 steps by himself. He crawls up and down stairs. His first real, recognizable, repeatable word: “This.” It is applied to any object. Other words: That, Hi, Done, Mama, Daddy. He uses sign language for, “all done.” He loves to drink from straw. He still likes to roll and chase balls across the floor and uses any object: a chair, my recycling bin, a block, as a walker to move himself across the room. What a joy!

Siena is POTTY TRAINED! She continues to go to pre-school three mornings a week and loves it. Her dramatic personality has not abated so the plan is for her to attend drama school the moment she turns four (in February.) She loves to play with play dough, read books, play with her new Thomas train set and watch Shrek 3.

S Hi Mommy, I’m a princess.
C Who am I?
S An ogre.
C Who is Alistair?
S A bad guy because he fights me.
C How about Daddy?
S I think he’s Fiona.

C Siena, take a chill pill.
S I can’t. I don’t know how to.

C What’s your favorite day of the week?
S Sunday.
C Why?
S I think it’s when the sun comes up out of the sky.

S Where did Daddy buy the peanut butter cups from?
C I bought them at Target.
S Mommy, you did a great job. Go Mommy! Go Mommy!

…and then I want a cookie. Can you grab one for me? Daddy does that.

Dasvidana (“goodbye” in Russian) Mommy & Alistair. Have a great day! Have a great nap!

He joined his sister in a fun game of "dump out the sugar on the kitchen floor and eat it!"

Playing dress up in the basement. I hope it doesn't scar him for life!

Art rarely stays on the paper only...

She took the term tree skirt quite literally.

Newest obsession: having tea parties using hot cocoa. Santa brought her a Cinderella tea set with 27 pieces.

Click back to to see how much he's changed!

She likes to give loooonnnggg kisses now. We think it's from a movie.

Daddy's new socks.

Yes, she was quite a gift to us!

This was her idea: Santa came to get her pacis and give them to babies and gave her in return a pinata filled with candy. So far, so good.

New jammies from Mom and Dad; new princess crown, earrings and necklace from Jeremy, Val & Sam.

How'd those Christmas mashed potatoes get on my head?

Alistair and cousin Sam.

Cousin Sam and Siena out to Christmas Day brunch at the Hilton.

Grandpa Wayne, Alistair and Auntie Val.

Mom & Dad.

Molly Guthrey Millet's Christmas Photo Session photos. Thanks Molly!

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Dave, Pam, Mikki, Gi & Tabs said...

Yo Corey-where be the pictures?? I can't see anything but square to me Alistair looks a bit different indeed! LOL