Thursday, June 5, 2008


She calls them daffodils and loves them!
He simply eats all the time; this time I gave him some black bean salad while I was cooking and when I ate it with dinner, realized it was too spicy even for me!

We realized we had no Daddy and Alley pictures so we took one the day we mailed off the post placement report pictures. Won't the Kazakh authorities love this cute one?

Dancing princess with her "bride" i.e. veil.

Usually he likes sparklier shoes but settled for my tennies. She has worn my "court shoes" more than I have.

Man he looks old in this picture. Next step: high school!


She saw some poop on the Diaper Champ and said, “eeewwww,” and then “will you take care of that?”

Replaying a scene from the Little Mermaid, she likes to walk down the “aisle” with her daddy and kick a pretend dog.

“I’m mad at my brother. He needs to go back to the baby house. He’s had enough time at my house. I don’t want to see him anymore.” The next day she told me I needed to go back to the baby house!

She is obsessed with porta potties.

We brush teeth at night by pretending we’re the dentist and she’s the patient.

S Alistair, be quiet, my parents are trying to sleep.
A Mommy! Daddy!
S Don’t say that Alistair, its rude.

Two, three, rock, shoes, me, mine, pop, go (dough!) more water (wah,) calls Siena Nah-Knee

Some days when I try to pick him out of his crib he’ll say, “no!” and lay back down, sucking his thumb. When I say we’re ready to go he says, “Dough! Dough! Dough!” and runs to the door or gate. Then he sits quietly or sings loudly with his sister in the car. He could stay outside in the back yard all day, just wandering about exploring. He found a dead bunny the other day and his sister proudly carried it to me. We talked to the social worker for his one year post placement report and realized how good things are going. We have absolutely no concerns about any of his skills or his growth. He is simply a smiley, happy, adventuresome, curious, car obsessed little 19 month old boy!

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