Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Spring!

If you sit in the red chair, he will come up to you and demand you read him book after book, "book! book! book!"
Grandma Carol comes over for a visit.

This is for you, Grandpa Wayne.

A MOMS Club PJ breakfast.

My how she's growing up...

"Beep beep."


They get along very well and can play for hours in the back yard.


  • Makes his sandwiches go “choo choo.”

  • Plays with Matchbox cars and makes them go “beep beep.”

  • Freaks out one day when I try to put him in his high chair; he wants to sit at the big table with Siena. On the same note, ignores food that is not put on a plate or in a bowl with a fork or spoon. Tries to eat chips with a fork.

  • He pretends to grab things out of books and eat them.

  • Makes a toy go up and says “up” and go down and says “down.”

  • Screams happy screams during meals.

  • Happily plays outside for hours.

  • Words: Dog, Tea, Bath, Up, Down, Mine, No, Kitty, Spoon


  • Like to say the same (irritating) word over and over. Moves from her "penis" obsession, on to "bumpee" (Erik’s word for butt,) and ends the month with "poop."

  • Changes her clothing an embarrassing number of times a day.

  • When I’m upset with her behavior I sometimes use her full name: Siena Alina Halls. Or just Siena Alina! She was upset with my behavior one day so she said: Mama Alina!

  • She dumped out a whole can of Lincoln logs on the basement floor and left them there when it was time to go upstairs stating, “someone will pick those up. Maybe Daddy.”

  • Grandpa Wayne says she won’t be able to go out to pizza if she doesn’t stop using the word “poop.” She tells him, “Grandpa, this isn’t working out. Maybe you and Alistair should stay at home while Grandma and I go out for pizza.”

  • When she asks for something at the store and I say "no," she generally says, “tell Santa about that.”

  • Looks at herself in the mirror and asks, “am I beautiful or what?”

  • Throws toys or books in Alistair’s crib while they’re supposed to be getting to sleep and cannot for the life of her, stop giggling and laughing.

  • Hits and pushes her brother less now that he's 18 months old and more interactive.

C Have fun at school!
S Have fun at home!

C What are you doing

S I’m going to paint.

C No you’re not.

S {pause} Nice try though.

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