Saturday, August 30, 2008

Second Half of Summer

Driving her cousins to the "Mall of America" in her Grandpa Ed's Model A. Or is it Model T?
He only wanted to be picked up by Papa Ed when we were in Duluth which, of course, melted Grandpa Ed's heart.

They borrow many toys from the neighbor when in Fargo visiting G&G.

Sam's 11th birthday in Cottage Grove, MN.

Grandma reads to them all the time, here at the lake near Detroit Lakes, MN.

Living la buena vida in Fargo, ND.

With my cousin Jeff's kids at Uncle Verne's house in Detroit Lakes, MN.

My dad shucking corn with Siena, 2008.

My dad shucking corn with me, 1972.

Believe it or not, Siena was actually muddier but naked so no shots of her.

Grandma Clara bought a whole box of dress up clothes at a garage sale and the kids went wild with them while in Duluth, MN.

Camping with the Morellos in the Upper Penisula of Michigan.

Happy Adoption Day Alistair! One year ago today we flew home with you: August 19th!

Five kids adopted from Kazakhstan, together at the Minnesota State Fair.

Siena abandoned her popsicle so he alternated it with his chocolate ice cream.


A crazy busy second half of summer. We look forward to quiet "back to school" days.


Kids in Fargo with G&G 19-26th
Sam's 11th birthday party, 27th

Book Club picnic 7th
Weekend at Farm, 9-10th
G&G in Duluth 13th-15th
Camping in Michigan with Morellos 15th-17th
Al’s First Adoption Day, 19th
At Leaf lake with G&G Current 22-27th
State Fair with 3 other kids from Kaz, 29th
Nina’s 4th birthday party, 30th
Mara & Naomi’s 4th birthday party, 30th


-Beautiful morning, huh?
-Alley, do not throw your food. That’s rude. Do you understand me, Alley?

Siena makes her bed one day spontaneously. A few days later she makes it again and says now her bed looks just like mine.

We go camping and she remembers the word RV as VCR. Its hard to correct her because the mistake is so funny i.e. “we slept in a VCR last night.”

S I said, “Shell (cell) phone, hello” when I was a little baby.
C Yeah, you did.
S Yeah, that’s a little weird.

The little girl who used to cuddle for 10 minutes after her bath recently told me:
“I can dry myself off.”

Siena shuts all the doors and plays with her brother and a flashflight in the hallway with the lights off.
I hear :
S Shadow.
A Adow.
S Yes, Alistair, that’s your shadow.

She can’t stand driving in rush hour traffic because she wants to go fast. She told me the following when we were backing out of the driveway: “Don’t hit the brakes, I don’t want to slow down.”


Sentences: Go park? Moon out? Daddy home? Play Nina house? Eye hurt. Good night. Shhh, quiet.

Words: keys, glass (glasses), mosquito (keet) swim, Alley, horse, cake, party, Enna (Siena)

A Bed?
E You want to play on the bed?
A Uh, huh (with exaggerated up and down head bob.)

-Hates diaper changes. Tells us when pooping or peeing.

-Good listener.
-Gets in car by himself, climbs in car seat by himself, tries to clip the carseat by himself and does quite well.

Rhetorical questions of the past such as “Do you want to go downstairs and do some laundry?” are now oftentimes answered: “No.”

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