Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fall 2008

First day of preschool.
Picking apples with MOMS Club.

Halls and Vakes.

Goof ball!

Siena's 4th annual adoption day with G&G Current & Al.

Three ballerinas.
At the pumpkin picking place on the cow ride.

Sniffing and hugging everything at the pumpkin store.

Al turns two and his dad makes him the same cake I got when I was a little girl.

Grandpa Wayne.

Grandma Clara.

She is a princess for Halloween for the second year. She kindly decorated my face for me!

Al roared very quietly.

I definitely want to put my hood up. And you should put your hood up too Alistair. That will keep us safe.

Mom, don’t brush my hair again, you young lady.

Al saw Siena playing with some balls and said, “play, play” but it was bedtime so I told him he could play with them in the morning. But he carried on so much that Siena gave him a ball to use in his crib. I said, “Al, Siena really likes you.” She said, “He’s my favorite kind of boy.”

Siena found some string, put it on Alistair’s shoulder and he followed behind her as she said, “Come on, watch where you’re walking. Come on, you’re a puppy. “

“Do you want to go watch a movie, Siena asked.” She has taken to quoting herself. Not sure if this is something she has picked up in drama school or what.

"Daddy, time for supper. Siena roared to her Mommy."

To Alistair, “I’m getting dressed, honey. I’m concentrating on getting dressed. Hmmm, what else do I need?"

To Alistair, “You’re not going to have any coffee, you’re too young. It’s mine. Our coffee is brewing. No sugar in mine please, just regular.”

"I kissed Siena and I liked it, taste of her princess dress" (another modification of the kissed a girl song.)

{Siena trying to talk to her dad through a window.}
Excuse me little one, you have to concentrate on talking to me.
{Her dad tries to talk to her.}
I can’t hear you. Come in, you’ve got to come in here.

{Looking through a Christmas toy catalog.}
Oh, gorgeous! Oh, Jim-in-nee! Oh man! Oh, I’m going to look gorgeous in that. I’ll look as pretty as a princess. Oh, my goodness I’ll be so proud of my Santa. He’ll give this thing to me. Everything I want! You’re going to look so darling and so cute {looks at me} and I’m going to look so cute too.

{Coloring with the water doodle pen}
S Hey Mom, look at what I made.
C What is it?
S I’m not exactly sure.

While brushing her teeth with her dad she holds up the pink plastic mug of water and says, “Dad, this is great coffee!”


We ready? You ready? Here it is. Poopy butt. Hotdish. Push table. Naked me. I did it. Chocolate chips…two more chips. Tickle, tickle. Fries, right now! We’re home. Do it again. Mom, all done. Train track. (But usually choo choo track.) Eat an apple. Pumpkin. Auntie Molly. Play truck. Big truck. Need fork.

Erik said Alistair spilled some milk on the floor, toddled off to the kitchen returning with a cloth dragging behind him and wiped up the milk.

Al now says “baby” and expects you to feed him like a baby.

I’m naked. Take a bath. Apple, please. Spooky cat. Spooky hand. Open the candy. Take it in the car? (a bear) That hurt my nose. Kiss the boy, I like it (he modified a song which said "I kissed a girl and I liked it.") Dinosaur hurt eye. Book, I need it. Hands me pepperoni from his pizza and says, “Don’t like it.”

He saw the dirty bottom of my white sock, walked away and came back with a Kleenex, wiping my socks off saying, “clean that sock.”

C I’m hungry.
A Me too.

A Hi.
C Hi.
A Hi Mama.
C Hi Ali.
A How are you, Mommy?
C I’m good. How are you?
A Good.

I put a new shirt on him; he looked at it, smiled and said, “Cute.”

A woman at the grocery store says, “Your son could be your twin.”

Holding out an empty cup, he says, “Lemonade in there please, Mom.”

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