Monday, February 9, 2009


Santa brought mainly books.

Auntie Val brought a whole makeup kit!

Acting school vaudeville performance.

Not sure what this face means...

Al and Auntie Cristine.

Siena, 4 and Alistair, 2.

Corey, 4 and Jeremy, 2.

This is what he does when his hands are dirty and he needs to hold something.

"Zip me up please; I’m going to a meeting like my Grandma and Mommy."

I tried to take the mini pad off his head and he said, "don't take my sticker!"

Grandma and Grandpa Current getting us ready for our March trip to Mexico.


Holding out an empty cup, he says, “Lemonade in there, please Mom.”
Ready get going now?
Playground, Mama. It’s fun.
Santa’s bringing horsies to me.
I have shoes right there in the drawer.
Daddy reading a book on the couch?
Watch more Christmas movie.

Words: Obama

To me, “You took a shower… you’re naked… you have a penis.”
Points to phone, “Mama’s phone.”
Clean your hands. (Can’t stand to have messy hands.)
I don’t like this (ham.) It’s gross. Poopy.
Tomana (What he calls a banana.)
I want my jammies on, I’m cold.
Where is the penguin?
This is a dingelhopper (what they call a fork in the movie The Little Mermaid.)
I don-a lik-a this milk.
I wanna make a triangle.
A cow have a penis?

I was tickling him and he said, “You get me.” Then corrected himself, “You got me.”


C Can you go get your brother?
S Yes, I can Your Most Majesty Queen of the World.

S Alistair, go away.
A I’m not going away.
S Alistair, go away!
A Time out!

S Ali, you’re not going to the Mall of America.
A Stupid!

For my birthday I want everything.
I want to have my birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. (She’s never been there.)
I hate lions. Lions are disgusting.
But Mom, I don’t want to grow up! Well, eventually.
I like picking my nose.

I started singing like Dracula after she told me not to sing in the house so she said, “You’re nuts. You’re not going to my school.”

I wouldn’t let her wear her white fancy dress to her preschool party so she translated for her dad:“Father, Mother won’t let me wear my dress to the ball!”

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