Saturday, April 18, 2009


Best buds.
Tabbi gave her hand me down clothes to Siena, and, um, Alistair.

Sun dress with non matching shoes.

Bikini that shows a bit too much.


MOMS Club friends.

Book Club friend.

I got all misty when I thought about showing this picture at his wedding.

Siena turns 5!

G&G Halls and the kids witness Erik perfecting the flower birthday cake.

Everyone gets a manicure and pedicure for the trip to Akumal, Mexico to visit G & G Current.

The Princess takes a break from making her own, deluxe, Valentines.

Grandma Clara gives them strawberry pop and they celebrate!
Thanks for cleaning my room.
Thank you Mama, you’re very kind.
I’m Sydney Bristow. You’re Vaughn. Alistair’s Sloan.
Boys marry girls but I can’t marry a girl because I’m not a lesbian.
Watch what I can do, Mama. Get you eyes on me.
Still obsessed with trying to wear jammies at all time, very much prefers nightgowns.
It’s delicious! (yogurt)
I sorry. (Then corrects his own grammar.) I’m sorry.
I wanna do that myself (put on boots.) I did it!
We make artsy crowns at Lakeshore Learning, he puts it on and I tell him he’s a King. He tells me, “I’m not a King, I’m a princess!”
Asks everyone, “What’s your name?” When they ask him what his name is he says, “Ali.” Then pauses to add, “Alistair.”
Do you want to talk to Grandma on the phone? “No thanks.”

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Dave, Pam, Mikki, Gi , Tabs said...

Wow's all I can say-although I'm happy to see he's a free uninhibited ittle guy-don't forgrt the "stop fighting!" and "Pamela!" that was precious. SIGH-Miss ya already