Monday, June 22, 2009


Not sure that was what Grandma Halls intended when she bought the cheerleading outfit for Siena...
At the park across the street.

With a small sampling of her babies.

Part of a whole series on emotions. This one was "silly."
With the Halls cousins and G&G Halls in Duluth.

Mother and son.
Daddy likes it at home. Mommy likes it in India. I like it at school.

S You squeezed me too hard.
C I’m sorry.
S I accept your apology.
C {laughs}
S Write that down on your calendar.

My daddy gave me a long kiss ‘cause he’s my husband not your husband. Grandpa Wayne is your husband.

I think my Daddys enjoying his brother’s tractor.

I’m sorry sucker. I kissed him. I hugged him.
I’m not Ali, I’m Alistair.
I wanna put on a dress. I don’t like my jammies on.
Holy Buckets. You say that a lot, Mommy. Holy Buckets.
Brown Bear is a good book.
A You’re my best friend.
C Who else is your best friend?
A Grandma and Grandpa and Daddy.

A Mama, know what?
C What?
A I love you.

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