Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sept-Dec. 2009

Kindergarten playdate, Siena and Averie.

Former neighbor and current schoolmates, Siebers playdate.

Cuddle and Coo #1 (a gift from G&G Current, summer 2008 ) and Cuddle and Coo #2 (a x-mas gift from G&G Current.) Absolutely her most favorite toy!

Gpa Wayne and Al open the wild truck for X-mas.

Cousin Sam is now 12 and in 7th grade. Yikes!
G&G Current's X-mas picture, taken at our house during early Christmas.

Our X-mas picture taken at early X-mas which Erik vetoed using for our X-mas card picture.

Siena has graduated to a totally pink room in way upstairs. She loves it!

Decorating a gingerbread house together.

The gift loves her arts and crafts!
Decorating the X-mas tree.
Decorating the X-mas tree.
The across the street neighbors over for Al's 3rd birthday party.

Gma Carol and Al.

A caterpillar he just had to put in a jar and keep around until it died...

His only birthday request was a blue elephant cake. He dad gladly complied.

Daddy and Alistair.
Apple picking with the Pludes.

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