Thursday, April 8, 2010

Late Winter 2010

Bowling at cousin's Owen's birthday party in Northfield.
Snowmobiling at the farm.
Sledding with Mom at the farm.
Goofing in the studio.
Cuddle and Coo just loves her Diet Coke.
Meet Corey and Erik Halls!
Siena turns 6!
Rock Band birthday party with reles and neighbors.

Grandma Clara, Siena and cousin Mara.
Neighbors and cousins.
Barbie cake at the bowling alley for the party for kindergarten girl classmates. All but two who were out of town showed up!
Patiently waiting their turns.
Our first Easter at home! Daddy planned an Easter egg hunt with photo clues.
One chocolate bunny was hiding in the dishwasher.
First attempt at dying eggs at home. Lots of egg salad sandwiches later!

S Remember, I want an American Girl doll for my birthday.
C But what about a bitty baby? Do you want a Kit doll or Bitty Baby more?
S I want them both.
E But you can only have one.
S I need them! I need more things!
E You’re an American aren’t you?
S Yes. I’m an American, American Doll Girl!

S I’ve got Alistair’s suitcase packed.
C Why?
S We’re going on an airplane.
C Where to?
S France. Paris.

S I dreamed about princesses.
A I dreamed about Star Wars

We’re having a surprise. It’s a fiesta. We’re using the disco ball, Cuddle and Coo, and limbo sticks.

“I shake my booty butt when I was on the green bus going to school,” said Siena with hands on hips and an attitude.


(We couldn’t find Alistair’s snow boots so we put on rain boots.)
A Rain boots? They’ll fall off.
C We can’t find your boots. What do you want me to do, Al?
A Stand in the house and cook.

Siena, do you want to go downstairs and play? You be Giesele and I’ll be the Green Monster.

A I remember we had a house that was white with black stripes.
C When was that?
A Friday.
S (With a humoring him smile on her face.) A zebra house!

A I’m frustrated with you.
C Why?
A Because you said something bad to me on Thursday.

Mom, it’s 40 degrees outside, it’s really warm.
Pretend I’m a dead squirrel.
Pretend we’re babies in a tree house. (Curls up on a lying down Siena and sucks his thumb.)
Let’s go to Kazakhstan so we can eat horse.
I wanna eat a dead dinosaur.
Siena needs to go back to the Baby House!
Puts on an apron and says, “C’mon Siena, let’s go on an adventure to cook food.”
There is a big mess in the dining room. See. Big mess. I made it. (tomatoes & pasta)
Mom, in the morning I wanna get big and drink wine.

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